The Twitter Lotto How It Works

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How it works.
This web site’s jackpot gets bigger every time a visitor arrives at this home page. The money in this lottery is earned from one thing, publicity. The more visitors this web site receives, the higher its value becomes and the larger the jackpot becomes, and with the internet widely available, anyone around the world has the chance to participate! Today the site might be worth $3, but tomorrow it might be worth $10! Every time you retweet or another joins, the jackpot goes up a few pennies!

I may have to change The Twitter Lotto’s name due to a trademark issue with Twitter. Its not 100% confirmed but Twitter hasn’t answered my numerous emails and I don’t want to risk infringement.I have already registered a new domain name just in case!

How to enter.
Simply follow twterlotto on Twitter! If you don’t have an account, you can create one in just a few minutes. By following, you will see the progress and power of this web site. There are no tickets or admission/entrance fees however, I ask that you do not make multiple accounts. I will personally review the winning account after it is selected on Christmas Day December 25, 2009. If I feel it is a duplicate or bogus account, I will choose another (legitimate) one.

The concept.
The actual jackpot is directly based on the estimated value of this web site which can be seen at the top of this home page. It is updated daily. As the web site becomes more popular, the value of the site increases. The beauty of this concept is that it’s free and the public plays an important role in how large they want to see this jackpot become just by telling friends, co-workers or even family to participate. The value is consistently growing everyday. For more information, please visit the FAQ page.

How to win.
The winner will receive the jackpot (seen above) of this web site on the draw day and will be rewarded personally by me. A video of the winning will be posted on YouTube as proof of payout (witnesses and media are welcome to watch/record or whatever).

On December 25, 2009 the winner will be selected, announced and congratulated on this web site as well as my Twitter account. On the 26th, I will pay for the winners flight to Calgary, AB in order to collect their winnings in the form of a certified check.

Christmas day was selected because it will provide sufficient time for The Twitter Lotto site to spread virally; and the winner will take home a really special Christmas gift! Perhaps even provide a life changing opportunity… Not bad for just clicking a link online!

Anything about Twitter

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There are many different social media sites that are available to be used by people on the internet. While I have an account for many different social media sites, I would have to say that Twitter is my absolute favorite of all time. There are so many different things that I like about it and that it make it stand out and different from the rest. Although Twitter is my favorite for positive reasons, there are some downsides to it as well. More times than not do I meet people that prefer Twitter over other social media or favorite it for similar reasons. Twitter is also very user friendly and easy to figure out on how to use if you are new to it. Even for someone that can’t seem to figure out how to use Twitter, it is very easy to show and teach someone. It is much easier to understand and figure out than any other social media network that exists, in my opinion. These are a few reasons why you might find that Twitter is someone’s favorite social media network to use.

Twitter is amazing to use for people that like to follow celebrities and keep up with the things that they are doing or projects that they may be working on. You will find more celebrities that use Twitter than any other social media network, too. Twitter has a feature for celebrities that allows them to get verified so that fans and other users know that they are who they say they are and not a phony. Many celebrities will even interact with their fans through Twitter and have special giveaways so fans can feel connected and important to that celebrity. I know that I personally follow  dozen or so celebrities and love to keep up with everything that they post and share with the world. I find it a great feature for Twitter to have to be able to verify my favorite artists and famous people. My friends and family even think that it is a great part of Twitter and is the only reason that some of them even started using it!

A very specific reason that Twitter is so unique from the rest of social media is because you only get 150 characters to write and post about something. This does not leave you with a lot of words to say what you want, but it makes it so that your post is short and sweet and gets the point across. Some people find that this is a terrible feature, but if Twitter allowed you to use as many character as other social media, it would not really be any different. I personally love that you only get 150 characters and I also enjoy that because of this it steers many people away. Only some people will use Twitter and this makes it so that you and your followers are like a special little Twitter family and unlike any other network of people.

Using Twitter for your business

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The internet has many different kinds of social media for people and even business’ to use. Twitter is one of the many that are out there and used on a daily basis by millions of people and business’. Sometimes it is not always used in a positive way but in a negative way. It can also be used to be informative and keep people posted on future updates. There are many different business’ that use Twitter to communicate to their customers and are able to get a lot of useful information out of using it for this reason. There are endless ways a business could use Twitter to affect their business in a positive way. Unfortunately, there are ways that Twitter could also affect a business in negative ways, too. On social media, you will always have some kind of negativity because that is the world that we live in. Especially when it is related to a business and someone can express their thoughts or feelings about it for the rest of the world to publicly see on the internet.

 Often times you will see a business tweet about an upcoming product that they are going to release. The plumber linked here asked us how to use Twitter to update his consumers. It could be that the tweet includes a picture with a sneak-peek of what the product is to give people a teaser but not full idea on what it is. Sometimes they will just post that a new product will be released on a specific day and count down the days through a tweet everyday to get their fans and customers excited about it. This helps to build up positive excitement and even bring in more business! On Twitter, the business can tweet at their users that are following them. It could be in reply to something that the customer tweeted at them first or it could just be that their business name was tagged because someone liked them so much and the business wanted to tweet back saying how thankful it is that they have that person as a customer.

 Since everyone on the internet and Twitter is free to say whatever they want, this sometimes affects business’ in negative ways. It could be that the business is a food product and there was a customer who had a bad experience with their product. The customer could then go on Twitter and say how terrible the product was and why, all while tagging the business in the tweet so that everyone else can see their post about them. This is how business’ get affected negatively from having Twitter and using social media. This reason is also a great way for the business to then reach out to the person that had a bad experience and try to make it right so that they repeat business and do not spread a bad word about them any longer. A business is sometimes even known for giving away free products through Twitter just to show their appreciation to all of their loyal customers and followers of Twitter.

The Press Have Been Talking!

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Metro News

With a simple mouse-click, a 23-year-old Mount Royal University marketing student is offering the chance to win a lottery without paying a dime. The only catch — the prize is determined by the frequency and volume of website traffic at thetwitterlotto.com.

“I started this for a class project but it really caught on at first and I want to see just how far it can go. As the website grows and evolves, so does the jackpot,” Peter said, adding the prize is already $2,500, and he may take 10 per cent of the final total.

Danihel is banking on the millions of people who access the Internet daily, and he has already seen interest from advertisers like Party Poker. Users need only enter the site to have a chance of winning the lottery.

“I’m doing this because I want employers to look at me and take me serious and see that I can build something from the ground up, and maybe I can apply it to my own business,” he said.

Danihel said the jackpot cash comes from advertisers, who loved the idea, and one lucky random name will be drawn Dec. 25. “Someone will get a nice chunk of money, and advertisers get traffic to their websites; it’s a win-win situation.”

You’re The Geek

That’s right, you can actually have a shot to win money using Twitter. There’s no form you need to fill out, no entry fee or anything! The only catch is you have to follow a particular user. That’s it! After that, you don’t even have to RT or write any posts… You just sit back and wait for the drawing.

Yes, I said the drawing. It is actually a lottery service for twitter. The Twitter Lotto is having an actual drawing for one follower to win the jackpot. As it stands now, the jackpot is at $162.10, and it is sure to grow by the time the winner is picked. The lottery ends Christmas Day (December 25, 2009), and for one lucky Twitter user, you will be receiving a very nice Christmas present.

The jackpot is actually determined by the worth of The Twitter Lotto’s website. As the website grows in popularity, the jackpot will grow as well. When the winner is selected he or she will receive a paid flight to Calgary, AB to collect his or her winnings in the form of a certified check. A handsome Christmas gift and a free trip to Calgary for just following somebody on Twitter… Not bad at all!

Make sure that you check back with You’re The Geek for the official jackpot amount! Good luck to everyone!


I just had to post about this because it’s really a neat concept I think. (And no, posting about it doesn’t get me any extra entries or benefits in any way.) To be entered to win, you simply have to follow @twterlotto on Twitter. That’s it. You don’t have to write a post, or retweet (RT) anything if you don’t want to.As visits to the site’s home page accumulate, the jackpot prize goes up. At the time of this writing, it’s at $23 and change. He started at zero. The prize winner will be drawn on December 25, 2009 and after validating that it’s a real person who actively uses Twitter, they will be awarded the jackpot.

I personally think the kid’s pretty smart. He’s using a school project to make something that IS unique, doesn’t involve gambling or charging for entries, and can actually result in a great case study as well as a nice chunk of prize money!

Take a look, follow him. What can it hurt?

What do you think about the idea itself? Is this potentially a great new marketing trick or just wishful thinking?


Do you tweet? Would you like to win some money? Say hello to the Twitter Lotto!

The Twitter Lotto works very simple. The more publicity and traffic the site gets, the more the lotto is worth. Right now, as I update this as much as possible, it’s at $97.50 (could be more now) and you can be sure it’s going to get up much more (my estimate is well over $200) over the coming months.

So How Do You Enter?

Simple. All you’ve got to do is follow @twterlotto and nothing more. You don’t have to Retweet anything or write up a post like this one, unless of course you wanted to.
It’s a very cool concept and the drawing will be on Christmas Day, December 25th. If you’d like more details on the whole Twitter Lotto, head over to the website for the scoop. Keep in mind, the more traffic and publicity the site gets (every RT or post helps!), the higher the prize.

Go ahead…Follow @twterlotto for your chance to win!

I was late to the Twitter party, but now I can see that it is the closest thing to becoming The Pulse of the Planet. One of the main problems for Twitter marketers is the chicken and egg problem – how to get your message out to a large following without spending all your time gathering followers. How can someone plug into this Pulse of the Planet?

By creating a Win-Win situation for marketers and followers – A Twitter Lottery – or more accurately, sweepstakes since it is free to enter. If you have a Twitter account, just follow twterlotto on Twitter. Done and Done!

As a Twitter user, it is pretty much the simplest thing you can do – become a follower and watch for more information. If you are an advertiser or marketer, then keep your eye on this, because I think The Twitter Lotto is going to go viral.